Custom Spike Roller

Why the Spider Spike Roller?


With many years of experience in flooring industry, Revo is always on a lookout to improve quality, time, and results. This is how Spider Spike Roller was developed. It is the only spike roller on the market that works specifically with leveling compound. Its 2” spikes & ½” space in between spikes allows to easily plow through deeper pours. Manufactured in Canada, it is becoming a tool that every leveling professional wants, and should have.

  • Custom Spike Roller

    Spider – Custom 18” Spike Roller

    $195.00 CDN


    This product is available at these fine retailers:

    British Columbia:

    Pacific Rim Flooring Ltd.

    Richform Construction Supply Co. Ltd
    Gegra Equipment Ltd.


    Con-Spec Industries Ltd – Edmonton 

    Dunrite Concrete Equipment and Accessories – Calgary, AB

    For more information or distribution please contact us directly.


  • Professional Spike Roller designed specifically for leveling compound (The common white spike roller is for epoxy coatings).
  • 2 inch professional spikes
  • 1/2 inch space between spikes
  • Does not clog up with leveling compound
  • Super strong everlasting spikes that easily clean
  • Will not push or pull material creating waves & surface deficiencies
  • Stirs up segregated leveling compound
  • Releases tension, dispersing heat and creating more working time with the leveling compound
  • Spider will act as a leveling tool and flatten the surface when spike rolling through leveling compound from ¼ up to 1 & ½ inches.
  • Spider can easily plow through leveling compound up to 1 & ½ inches deep.
  • There’s no other spike roller on the market that will perform for you like the Spider Custom Spike Roller


  • The Spider